best travel baby products: accessories + gear for every age

best travel baby products: accessories + gear for every age

Baby’s first adventure, whether that be a car ride to grandma’s or a plane ride across the country, can be a daunting task for any new parent. Heck, it can be daunting with a 6 year old – trust us! As we’ve navigated the highways and gates of TSA, we’ve come up with a list of helpful tips and tricks to make whatever adventure you have planned easier, more enjoyable and maybe even relaxing ;) 


age 0-3 months

Ahhh….the early days! If you and your child feel healthy and ready to travel in the 4th trimester, by all means, this is one of the BEST windows to do so. While this stage does not come without challenges, the challenges are definitely fewer and easier to manage than some of the travel challenges you might experience in later developmental stages, purely due to your baby’s level of activity. 

A front pack carrier is a huge advantage of traveling with your little one at this age because you can bypass a clunky stroller altogether. Not all front packs are created equal in comfort, breathability and support. Here are a few of our favorites that help make that airport experience a breeze! 

1) ErgoBaby Omni  2) BabyBjorn Free 3D Mesh  3) Solly Wrap 
You can NEVER be too prepared for a blowout and without a doubt, this will always happen at the most inconvenient time. Go with the flow and stock up on those baby basics at brands who also have socially and eco-responsible lines like H&M.
1) H&M 5 Pack Onesies 2) H&M Sustainable Joggers 3) Hello Bello Bundle


If you plan to nurse, feed or even pump on the go, plan to check your everyday pump or bulkier items into your checked luggage and travel a little lighter with these handy products. From super compact temperature controlled bags to some super chic athleisure wear with hidden breastfeeding features, you can pack lighter and be prepared on the fly. Our favorite pick of course is Leche Premier, designed with travel in mind. No more measuring, traveling with frozen milk, liquid milk or finding someplace comfortable to breastfeed on the go. 

1) Haaka Travel Kit 2) Storq Cooler Bag 3) Colorblock Nursing Hoodie 4) Leche Premier 5) Kindred Bravely Nursing Tanks 4) Termichy Portable Dispenser 5) Nanobebe Silicone Bottles


3-6 months

During this developmental period, your baby is definitely moving more and exploring their world around them….which also means touching (and tasting) EVERYTHING they can get their hands on! Plan your travel around nap time if you can and if you can’t, have that baby-safe hand sanitizer ready! Remember to pack your baby’s favorite lovey and pair of easy-zip PJs that will help baby signify its time to snooze once you hit your cruising altitude. 

1) Honest Co. Sanitizing Kit 2) Jellycat Bunny Soother 3) Zip PJs 4) Yogasleep Travel Sound Machine 5) One Quince Cashmere Nursing Shawl 6) HelloBello Surface Wipes


9-12 months

Snacks are your biggest ally during this phase of traveling with tots in tow. While we still very much recommend timing key travel windows during nap time, we know that a lot of the stimulation from travel can keep your baby awake and alert. Enter, SNACKS. Here are some of our favorite on-the-go snacks and accessories to keep everyone happy at this age.  

1) Stasher Bags 2) Amara Smoothie Melts 3) Happy Baby Teethers 4) Muslin Bib 3 Pack


12 months+

Your very active little one needs constant entertainment at this stage. We highly recommend using ALL the sleep schedule AND snack tips combined when traveling at this age, while also coming armed with the most interesting and engaging toys to keep your little one fascinated while flying or hitting the highway. And, if you can splurge for that extra seat or strategize how to snag a middle seat, that is always a clutch move! 

1) Bento Box 2) Oombee Cube 3) Buckle Toy 4) Montessori Toy 5) Fat Brain Inny Bin Toy


PLUS Leche-approved Stylish Diaper Bags + Travel Accessories 

Nothing says I’m a “cool mom, not a regular mom” like a statement diaper bag – and we give bonus points to diaper bags that dads can also rock! And, because parenting often requires full use of both your hands, our top picks always go to a convenient backpack style.

1) Fawn Design Ultimate Bundle 2) Play Diaper Backpack 3) Uppa Baby Backpack 4) 7AM Enfant Backpack 5) Honest Co. Uptown Backpack 6) Dagne Dover Backpack 7) Poppy Lux Convertible Bag


Tell us in the comments below – what are your favorite travel tips and products for little ones? Happy travels Leche fam!

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