about leche

about leche

We're so glad you're here and want to learn more about Leche! Leche is a breast milk preservation service that uses freeze-drying technology to preserve nutrients only found in breast milk transforming it into a shelf-stable product.

As breastfeeding moms, we know firsthand that your breast milk is a precious resource you’ve worked so hard to produce. For that reason, we started Leche with ultimate conviction and determination that together we can find a way to make sure that not a single drop of breast milk was wasted. We set out with one goal — to help give moms and babies a more sustainable breastfeeding journey by modernizing breast milk.

And here we are! Not only will your hard-earned "liquid gold" now last for years to come, you will have the gift of a clutter-free freezer and the flexibility to use your Leche in first foods, bath time, skincare products, toddler foods and more. We hope that Leche gives you the convenience, comfort and peace of mind that you deserve during your personal breastfeeding journey.

Thank you for being a part of the Leche community and trusting us with this precious gift and resource.

With love,

Jenney + Trish

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