inside the leche freeze-drying process

inside the leche freeze-drying process

Breast milk is a valuable resource that provides important nutrients and antibodies to our babies. However, it can be difficult to store and transport in its liquid (or even frozen) form. That's where freeze drying with Leche comes in to help moms just like you have more flexibility and convenience in their feeding journey. Moms want to know that their milk is safe and we’re happy to answer your FAQs on the Leche’s handling procedures and each step we take to bring you safe, convenient and long-lasting powdered breast milk! 


What is freeze-drying, and how is it beneficial for breast milk?

Freeze-drying, also known as lyophilization or sublimation, is a process that removes water from breast milk, leaving behind a nutrient-dense powdered form. This method extends shelf life and makes breast milk easier to store and transport, allowing for convenient reconstitution for bottle feedings.

How does Leche ensure the individual processing of each mother's milk?

Leche employs a unique serial number and barcode system for each order. This system labels, tags, and tracks every step of the process. Leche uses a proprietary freeze-drying process to ensure that each mother's milk is processed separately, efficiently and safely and freeze dried individually, one mom per chamber. 

What is the significance of individualized breast milk testing in Leche's process?

Leche includes a crucial bacteria testing step, using specialized plates to detect any bacterial contamination. This ensures the highest safety and quality, confirming that the milk is safe for consumption after freeze-drying.

Can you explain the dedicated freeze-drying chambers used by Leche?

Leche has dedicated freeze-drying chambers for each order, ensuring that each mother's milk is processed individually, without any cross-contamination.

How does Leche handle the processing and packing of freeze-dried breast milk?

Each order is processed and packed one-by-one in a sterile environment, utilizing laminar hood flows. This method prevents external environmental impact and maintains the purity of the breast milk that includes using UV lights to kill harmful bacteria, ensuring your freeze dried breast milk is safe for your little one. 

What are the steps involved in delivering the freeze-dried breast milk?

After processing and packing, the freeze-dried breast milk is shipped in custom, secure packaging. Leche takes great care to ensure safe delivery, so mothers can be confident about the condition of their breast milk upon arrival.

Can you provide the answers above in a step-by-step guide once the breast milk has arrived at the Leche facility to the final shipment?

Here is the detailed breakdown below of how our process works:

  • Step 1: Separation of Milk Leche uses a unique serial number and barcode system that is applied to each step of our ordering and freeze drying process. We label, tag, and track every single step of the process from start to finish.
  • Step 2: Individualized Breast Milk Testing Leche is the only breast milk freeze-drying service today that includes a crucial step in ensuring the highest safety and quality of your milk with bacteria testing. We test each order with specialized breast milk testing plates that can detect bacteria contamination. This ensures us as well as you that your milk is safe for consumption by your little one after freeze-drying.    
  • Step 3: Dedicated Freeze-Drying Chambers We have dedicated freeze-drying chambers for each individual mom. This allows for her milk to be freeze-dried alone without any other moms’ milk inside.
  • Step 4: Individual Processing and Packing Each mom's freeze-dried breast milk is individually processed and packed one-by-one in an enclosed, sterile environment. We use laminar hood flows for both the pre-processing and packaging steps to ensure that each order is not impacted by the external environment. 
  • Step 5: Delivery Once your breast milk is processed and packed, it is ready for delivery. We take great care to ensure that the milk is shipped safely in our custom, convenient packaging, so you can be confident that your breast milk will arrive in good condition.

    So you may ask, why is Leche's service considered beneficial for mothers? At Leche, we understand that being a mom is hard work. That's why we provide a safe and reliable way to store your breast milk and why we take every step possible to ensure that your milk is safe, secure, and healthy for your little one. So, go ahead and take advantage of this amazing service - your baby (and your sanity) will thank you!

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