why choose leche to preserve + freeze dry your breast milk

why choose leche to preserve + freeze dry your breast milk

Your breast milk is a precious resource you’ve worked hard to produce. We’re here to help you put every last drop to good use for you and your family and we’re holding our processes to the highest standards of both food safety and pharmaceutical safety. 

Our Team + Support 

Leche is not an ordinary brand or service no matter how you look at it. We knew we had a unique challenge in handling a precious product produced only by moms in a very sensitive and delicate life stage. Because of this, we’ve taken every measure possible to ensure that your breast milk is handled with care and safety for your family to benefit from for years to come. 

Our Facility 

When it comes to the facility, Leche stands ahead of its competition. Leche processes within a facility that holds the highest food handling certifications. It took over three years of research and development to ensure we could deliver a product that meets these standards because as moms (and Leche's first customers), safety comes first. 

Safe Shipping + Shipping Materials 

Our team designed the entire Leche packaging and shipping experience to ensure that quality and safety are at the forefront of your experience with Leche, even before your order arrives at your home, to ensure your milk arrives safely. Our custom insulation cooler isn’t just another branded moment for Leche – our coolers were carefully sourced and designed to ensure the utmost thermal protection for your precious package and done so with sustainability in mind. Our coolers that have been rigorously tested and qualified, pharmaceutical grade ice bricks and our custom BPA-free large breast milk storage bags guarantee that your milk stays secure, untouched and protected during transit.

Your final Leche is delivered to you in food-grade, heat-sealed, light and moisture resistant packaging to ensure that your Leche remains fresh and safe for as long as possible.

While other services may compete on pricing or turnaround time, Leche will never sacrifice quality, trust or comfort in our process. With your Leche order, we’re promising a commitment to safety, quality, and YOUR satisfaction. Leche is the only choice for moms who want the best for their breast milk and their little ones, who can’t afford to compromise on quality, trust or safety. As fellow moms, we wouldn’t settle for anything less and neither should you.
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