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Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are important and required by law for all food facilities and at Leche, we know that incorporating pharmaceutical and laboratory testing is equally, if not even more important when handling breast milk. We have a dedicated breast milk processing facility and a separate dedicated breast milk laboratory specifically designed for in-depth testing and quality control.

From our custom packaging to our food-safe handling processes, Leche is taking the worry and stress out of breast milk preservation for you.

  • How Freeze Drying Works

    Freeze-drying is recognized as the superior method for preserving food and pharmaceuticals whereby water content is efficiently removed by vacuuming it as a gas, while ensuring all nutrients are preserved.

  • Quality + Handling Controls

    Our safety measures include temperature checks, bacterial testing, dedicated freeze-drying chambers, and laminar hood flow packaging in a sterile environment.

  • specialized bacterial testing

    Testing is crucial to ensure that any milk is safe for consumption while also preserving the beneficial bacteria and the essential nutrients present in moms' breast milk. 

  • Food-Grade Packaging

    Leche's travel sachets (Leche Premier) and resealable pouches (Everyday Leche) are made from Mylar, a lightweight, moisture-resistant material renowned for its exceptional preservation qualities.

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  • our founders

    Leche was founded by two moms, Jenney and Trish, during a time when we were both breastfeeding our babies. We’re proud to bring you in-depth research, top resources and a growing community to help support you through your breastfeeding journey and beyond.

  • dr. bernadette antonyrajah

    Dr. Bernadette Antonyrajah is Leche's Pediatric Medical Advisor who is a Board Certified Pediatrician specializing in Pediatrics and Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. She has an interest in overall health, fitness and well being.   

  • dr. ashley hester

    Dr. Ashley Hester is Leche's OB-GYN Medical Advisor who practices at Houston Methodist Hospital and Memorial Herman Texas Medical Center. Ashley is a mom of 2 who loves to travel, spend time outside with her family, and grow her own food.

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